Fare thee well, lovely ToyBox readers: My Top 10 favorite posts

The dreary weather couldn't be better for writing a sad goodbye to my faithful ToyBox readers. The time has come for me to pack up and move on out of the ZDNet family.
Written by Jennifer Bergen, Contributor

The dreary weather couldn't be better for writing a sad goodbye to my faithful ToyBox readers. The time has come for me to pack up and move on out of the ZDNet family. The last nine months spent as your Gadget Gal have been wonderful, but I have to pass the torch on to another.

Don't worry; Andrew will still be blogging his brains out, and there will soon be a new co-blogger on the ToyBox!

Besides writing Gadget Gal's Daily Deals posts, I've enjoyed sharing my thoughts about other tech-related topics. Below is my Top 10 list of my favorite ToyBox posts. Feel free to peruse them and take a trip down memory lane. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read my writing, and I always loved reading the comments -- whether they were nice or not.

Here it is: My Top 10 favorite ToyBox posts:

10. "WikiReader: Over 3 million Wikipedia entries in the palm of your hand" - I got to share with the world about my constant confusion of the difference between Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.

9. "Star Trek limited edition flash drive stores new movie" - Even though we can't get it in the U.S., the Starfleet Insignia flash drive is still freakin' cool.

8. "Are you suffering from BlackBerry Tour trackball problems?" - We got to commiserate together about BlackBerry trackball problems, and I got to say ball problems.

7. "Hands On: RIM BlackBerry Tour" - I got to test out the BlackBerry Tour, and that was fun.

6. "Sony PSP Go: Hands-on first impressions and photos" - I got to play with the PSP Go, and that was also fun.

5. "Celebrating 27 years of the Compact Disc: Does anyone really care?" - I'd like to add that I have hundreds and hundreds of CDs sitting in those giant CD binders back in Colorado (along with my boxes of vinyl records). Another reason why CDs are becoming more obsolete: they weigh a ton! Moving your music collection across the country is pricey, especially with airlines charging per bag.

4. "Della: Dell's answer to what women want?" - Your comments helped to justify my harsh critique of Dell's new woman-centered Web site.

3. "Cops strike out, caught Wii bowling during drug raid [Video]" - Oh, man. Who doesn't love meaningless posts about people getting caught doing something they're not supposed to be doing?

2. "Best Buy to sell vinyl records?" - This is the first time you heard me rant about the wonder of vinyl, and how I am not a huge fan of CDs.

Read the No. 1 post after the jump.

1. "Bob Dylan to voice GPS? Who do you want directing your drive?" - The comments are priceless! Some of my favorite responses are: Captain Jack Sparrow, Patrick Stewart, Darth Vadar, Elvis, Mr. T ("Turn left now...You missed it Fool!"), Inspector Clouseau, Yoda ("Turn Left on Main Street you must. Main St. leads to Fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. At your destination, arrived you have."), Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show ("Toorn reeght et zee next intersecshun. Pruceed streeeght. Um de hur de hur de hur..."), and my favorite: Vezzini from "The Princess Bride" (Of course, ignoring the directions will spout rants about his superior intellect peppered with "Incostheevable!").

So, thank you all for the good times at the ToyBox. You can stay up to date with my ramblings via Twitter.

Live long and prosper, may the force be with you, and here's looking at you, kid...

Jennifer Bergen

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