​Fasoo expands data security to auto supply chain with Mando project

South Korean data security firm Fasoo has completed an enterprise digital rights management deployment project for Mando, expanding its foot print into the global auto parts supply chain.


Fasoo's enterprise solution focuses on data integrity. (Image: Fasoo)

Fasoo has completed a data security project for global auto parts manufacturer Mando, the company announced.

The security firm deployed its solution to all of the auto parts maker's global locations in 12 different countries, including the United States, South Korea, China, and Germany.

It will allow Mando to strengthen its security controls for its global operations, Fasoo said.

The auto parts maker, one of the world's top 50 OEM parts suppliers, has researchers spread across the globe who use engineering drawings and a numerical analysis tool uploaded in multiple collaborative systems.

Fasoo provided automatic protection of user-generated documents, flexible use of protected data, convenience of external collaboration, and optimisation of systems performance under the project, it said.

The security firm said its solution fully complied with the rigorous and highly regulated standards set by governments and global automakers partnered with Mando.

The company also completed similar projects for other auto parts makers, but did not name them. Fasoo said it deployed its enterprise digital rights management solutions for one of largest US-based automotive components manufacturers to manage insider threats, however.

"We will continue to expand our footprint in the global auto parts supply chain by providing our data-level security solution," said a Fasoo spokesman. "Our optimal information security solutions and strategies will provide automotive industry customers with the best-in-class information security environment thanks to our unique data security framework and integrated set of capabilities that cover the full spectrum of enterprise security needs."

In April, Fasoo applied behavioral analytics to its enterprise document platform Wrapsody to improve employee activities.

Fasoo is the one of largest enterprise data security vendors in South Korea, and has corporate headquarters in Seoul, South Korea; and North American headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Its 1,300 clients include local oil giant S-Oil, and its solutions are used by 2.5 million users worldwide.

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