Fenwick puts bloglaw front and center with its Web 2.0 sponsorship

Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick & West could have chosen to market any of its practices in connection with sponsoring Web 2.0. In the past, a brochure on its intellectual property, corporate, or litigation practices might have been offered. But this year, Fenwick wants attendees to focus on the risks and rewards of blogging.

Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick & West paid a lot of money to be a Gold sponsor of this year's Web 2.0 conference, which among other things bought it the chance to put a flyer in the official conference bag.  Interestingly, that flyer doesn't focus as one might expect on the firm's intellectual property, corporate, litigation, or more traditional practice areas.  Instead, it mines for business by steering the attendees' attention to a year old article on the legal risks and rewards of blogs and blogging:

With the proliferation of weblogs or "blogs," companies find themselves faced with a new forum for employee conduct that poses both risks and rewards...

[Updated 11/10/06, 6:45 a.m.]  As Kevin O'Keefe points out:  in answering this question for itself, the Fenwick apparently and/or thus far has come down on the "risk" side of the equation.  (Kevin, who makes no bones about the fact he supplies blogging services to law firms, questions the ability of a firm in such a position — i.e., one that has not itself eaten the blogging dog food — to provide sufficiently comprehensive and informed advice.)


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