Firefox 3.0.6 for Mac now available

The Mozilla Foundation just posted FireFox 3.0.6 for Mac (17.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

http://www.freemacware.com/wp-content/images/deerpark.pngThe Mozilla Foundation just posted FireFox 3.0.6 for Mac (17.2MB, direct DL). According to the release notes Firefox 3.0.6 fixes several issues found in Firefox 3.0.5:

  • Fixed several security issues.
  • Fixed several stability issues.
  • In previous versions of Firefox, some users experienced a problem where parts of the screen were not properly displaying after Firefox was open for long periods of time.
  • Improved the ability for scripted commands (including those included in popular extensions like Adblock Plus) to work properly with plugins. (bug 438830)
  • Removed the client user ID from crash reports.
  • Fixed issues with the display of some Indic scripts.
  • See the Firefox 3.0.5 release notes for changes in previous releases.

See the complete list of bugs fixed.

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