Five years ago: Cyrix MediaGX chip drives sub-£350 PC quest

A new processor from Cyrix was born today ready to drive forward the new NetPC standard backed by Microsoft and leading PC makers

First published 20 February, 1997

The Pentium class MediaGX processor integrates memory and PCI controllers, graphics and audio into the CPU and carries a keen price that will create new opportunities in the sub-£1,000 PC market, according to Cyrix. MediaGX chips come in two flavours, 120MHz ($79 per 1,000 units) and 133MHz ($99 per 1,000 units). The devices include the Cx5510 companion chip which has video drivers and BIOS extensions.

Compaq has already been announced as a major partner and will launch its MediaGX-based Series 2000 Presario home PC this afternoon. Cyrix said it will announce several other partners at the Cebit 97 trade show in Hannover, Germany.

"We're leading the chase towards a $500 (£350) PC, and it will be attainable within two years," said Brendan Sherry, Cyrix's European general manager.

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