Five years ago: WebFiler is first end-user database for Web

Alpha Software has released what it calls the first end-user database for the Net

First published 9 June, 1997.

Alpha Software has released what it calls the first end-user database for the Net. The product is aimed at companies who want to make catalogues, personnel lists, sales lead tracking and other databases easily available over the Net, intranets or extranets.

WebFiler DB can be managed and designed entirely through a Web browser with all data stored on a Windows 95 or NT Web server, ensuring universal access and platform independence. Also, having data held on the Web means that hypertext links to e-mail addresses and URLs are available.

Access to data is controlled by password protection and users can browse, query and text search databases. The only programming that may be needed is that views can be customised through an HTML editor, according to the firm.

Alpha, best known for its veteran eponymous database product, is considering bringing in a hosting service for companies that don't want to set up a Web server. Definitely in the pipeline for September is Application Builder, a user interface driven development tool aimed at VARs; Alpha expects the VAR channel to a key source of sales for the product.

The product is currently available on test drive from the firm's Web site and is available for sale at £269 + VAT.

WebFiler is the first product launched since the acquisition of Alpha by SoftQuad International early this year. SoftQuad European marketing manager Sandi Castle said she expects WebFiler technology to be embedded in other products in the future.