Flipboard rolls out magazine support for Android and web-based Editor

Flipboard is one of my favorite ways to read content on my devices, and their new Android version supports the magazine creator launched on iOS in March. There is also now a web-based Flipboard Editor and browser button.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

Back in March, Flipboard released an update for iOS that let users create and share "magazines". Today, Flipboard announced Android support (Google Play link) for magazine creation and reading.

These self-created collections allow you to select the content you like, and assemble it into topical magazines. You can view publicly shared magazines or keep them for your private use. I have not yet created any on my iPhone, but since I am using the HTC One as my primary device, I plan to try it out and experience this magazine feature.

As stated on the Flipboard blog, this new version of Flipboard on Android allows you to:

  • Flip photos saved on your phone or tablet into your magazine

  • Add items you find on the web via your mobile browser into your magazine

  • Share magazine links to other apps, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger

  • Curate from the Flipboard widget into a magazine.

Flipboard also announced the release of its new web-based Flipboard Editor, which gives you more functionality for creating and managing your magazines. You can also add a Flip It button to your browser.

With this new editor and browser button, I may be moving to Flipboard for my "read later" service instead of having a separate Pocket application.

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