Flixwagon and Qik demo streaming video from an iPhone

Flixwagon made an announcement about an upcoming iPhone client earlier today, followed shortly by an announcement from Qik that they too have an iPhone client going to alpha testers soon. The clients run on jailbroken iPhones, but should eventually be coming to the iPhone 3G and original iPhone when the 2.0 software update is released.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I recently wrote about an alpha version of Qik for Windows Mobile devices and hope to try it out soon on a Blackjack II. Qik just now sent me a note that they will also be releasing an Apple iPhone version for alpha testers next week and have a video of it in action. This is currently only for jailbroken phones and I imagine it is only possible when you have a WiFi connection, but eventually it may come to the iPhone when the 2.0 software and iPhone 3G are released.

Earlier than the Qik announcement that arrived in my inbox, Flixwagon announced that they too will have an alpha test version of their streaming video client available in July. You can check out the Flixwagon streaming video and see how it runs on a jailbroken iPhone right now, again with a WiFi connection. You can check out some other Flixwagon videos captured with the iPhone.

I have used both services on my Nokia N95-3 and it is great to see these two competing as the features and functionality they both offer continue to improve. Do you use a streaming video service with your mobile device?

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