For OK, group promotes sunshine Web to disclose spending

In a bid to put the brakes on state spending, group pushes Website that would disclose all government expenditures.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

More transparency in government spending is one of the goals for a conservative lobbying organization that promotes a "sunshine Web" - a website that discloses all government spending - reports the Associated Press.

The Oklahoma chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a national group that promotes limited government, announced that they are launching a state website to keep track of state government spending.

"Shining more sunlight on how our state government spends our tax dollars will help uncover instances of corruption and waste," said Stuart A. Jolly, state director.

The website will have a "prosperity scorecard" which will keeps track of how lawmakers vote on bills the conservative organization supports.

Americans for Prosperity backs issues such as allocating more money to highways and bridges, and eliminating the state franchise tax paid by many businesses. It also supports the so-called Taxpayer Bill of Rights, also known as TABOR.

The proposed website would contain a database that can track spending will make lawmakers more accountable to the public and make it more likely that taxpayers' dollars are spent wisely.

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