Forget the iBike, I want an iCar!

Lots of people took interest in Apple's recent patent application for a Smart Bicycle System, but forget the iBike, I want an iCar!
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor on

Apple's recent patent application for a Smart Bicycle System (think Apple’s Nike + iPod system for cyclists) touched a nerve with readers. Some thought that it wasn't original idea, while others think that it's the second coming (I guess more people bike, than run?)

But forget the Smart Bicycle System, I want an iCar!

Reader/contributor Alain Grignon agrees:

Found the patent interesting, not so much as it applies to bicycles but how a slight variation of it could apply to the Car tech industry. Think of what apple could do with access to just a few car sensors, in an indash 7" iPad mini like device.

The other interesting bit, what the herding capabilities (multi cycle communication). Could it possibly be a come back for the CB radio but on steroids?

I'm sure everyone remembers at some point in their youth, being on a family road trip and trying to get the transport trucks to honk their horns as you drove along side them on the freeway. Then again, that might be just isolated to my own deprived youth. regardless, how many cars do you think you could communicate within wifi distance from you car on the freeway? Imagine how that could potential change traffic patterns?

I know, more questions than credible answers, but hey imagining it is half the fun.

Even if Apple patented some sort of car interface, this one has already been done to death. iPod and Bluetooth interfaces are now common in most modern vehicles and creative auto buffs have embedded Mac minis and iPads in their cars. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Apple to open some APIs in the iOS that talk to sensors in cars. Would it?

I just want my iCar to sync with all my podcasts when it detects the WiFi network in my driveway.

What would your iCar do?

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