Forget theft, artist auctioning off his Facebook password

Want access to a Facebook account, no password theft required

Amidst the handwringing about stolen passwords, a New York artist is selling his on eBay as part of an ongoing art project.

Conceptual artist Nick Schmidt's post on eBay is simply titled "My fb password" and takes all the guess work out of gaining access to his Facebook account.


"My personal Facebook login information will be presented to the winning bidder via USPS in the form of a written and signed document," he wrote in the description box of his eBay auction.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the current bid was $1.25.

This isn't the first time Schmidt has laid bare his digital life. In February at his "No Big Words" solo show in Brooklyn he offered access to his cell phone, leaving it sitting on a bean bag chair for people to rummage through.

He wrote on his Web site, "I offered my cell phone up to the public, allowing complete strangers to rummage through my personal information; my texts, emails, photos, Facebook, etc. For the duration of the exhibition, my cell phone remained in the gallery-my private life becoming a sort of public theater. At the same time, I experienced what it was like to be without a cell phone, and thus out of contact, for an extended period of time. "

Some of Schmidt's other work includes these titles: Will Ferrell's Fictional Relationships, Babies w/Puppy Heads and TV Snowmen.

Schmidt is best known for his PacMan stickers on New York Subway cars that were strategically placed so the PacMan appeared set to eat a line of dots on a map representing subway stops.

The auction for Schmidt's Facebook account runs until May 14.