Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer working on website to understand government

After leaving Microsoft, Ballmer is living a very interesting life. In a recent interview, his new "10k for government" project has been revealed.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Former Microsoft CEO and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer is launching a website to help understand the government.

Ballmer revealed in an interview with Business Insider the new website will show what the government does and how it is really funded.

"It's mostly an exercise that I find might be thought-provoking. Right now I'm pretty fired up and there's some interesting stuff in there," Ballmer told Business Insider.

Ballmer, who isn't the only one on the project, insists the website won't be political-in-nature -- rather be research driven like the yearly 10k filing public companies make with the Securities & Exchange Commission, or financial analyst recommendations for stocks.

"It actually turns out to be much harder to really understand government across state local and federal," Ballmer said. "'There's no CEO for the government.' But if you were CEO for a day at the government, would you have tools and reports and wherewithal to look at government the way a business would look at its lines of business, its spending, its revenue?"

The website won't make any forecasts, predictions, or note policy.

"Call it like a '10k for government' we've been working on with a website, with additional data," Ballmer said.

You can read the full interview, with anecdotes about Ballmer's work at the Los Angeles Clippers, at Business Insider.

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