FotoFlexer enters crowded online photo application space

I saw on RIApedia and...

FotoFlexer enters crowded online photo application space
I saw on RIApedia and TechCrunch today that FotoFlexer is launching. FotoFlexer is another online photo edition application built in Flex but it competes more with Picnik than Fauxto. It integrates with a wide range of Web 2.0 services including Flickr and Facebook, and you can actually access all of these right from the Facebook app without ever having to visit the page. The application is cool, but the Facebook application is what really makes it stand out from other services. It integrates very tightly with Facebook including the ability to modify photos and then add them directly to the Facebook newsfeed.

FotoFlexer in Action

The application has all the features you'd expect from a photo editor with a few extras. One is full screen mode, which is used well. Another nice feature is the ability to download full albums so that you can grab zip files of all your Flickr/MySpace/Facebook albums. I also like the incorporation of Yahoo Search so you can quickly find interesting photos to edit. Shortcut keys don't seem to work and once you've actually changed a setting, you can't modify it at all. This is especially annoying with text because you can't go back and change your test or the way it looks.

I was impressed with FotoFlexer and really like how integrated they are. I still think Picnik is the leader in this space, but there are a lot of things to like about FotoFlexer and so hopefully this keeps the Picnik team on their toes. Especially with regard to the Facebook application.