Foxtel launches FttN and FttB NBN services

According to Foxtel, its NBN footprint has now doubled thanks to expanding into premises served by NBN's FttN and FttB connectivity options.
Written by Corinne Reichert, Contributor

Foxtel has announced doubling its National Broadband Network (NBN) footprint by beginning to offer fibre-to-the-node (FttN) and fibre-to-the-basement (FttB) services alongside fibre-to-the-premises (FttP) connections.

The pay TV provider, which said video streaming is one of the primary uses for the NBN, is differentiating its offerings by bundling broadband services with content packages involving unlimited data downloads on all Foxtel content.

"The way people interact online and watch streamed entertainment is changing rapidly; fast and reliable broadband is an essential ingredient for Australia's connected homes," said Mark Buckman, Foxtel's MD for Customer and Retail.

"Foxtel Broadband's arrival in FttN and FttB serviceable areas increases our reach to more Australians than ever before."

Bundles for new customers start at AU$101 per month on a 24-month contract, including a 200GB download limit across the NBN; unlimited standard local calls across a home phone line; pay TV with an entertainment pack; and the Foxtel Wi-Fi modem.

Unlimited broadband costs AU$111 per month on a 24-month contract.

Existing pay TV subscribers can pay AU$75 extra per month to add a 200GB per month NBN service, or AU$85 extra per month for unlimited download, both on 24-month plans.

Customers on its unlimited data plans will be put on the 25/5Mbps speed tier, said Foxtel, which announced a quarterly loss of $23 million (AU$31.2 million) earlier this month due to the closure of subscription video-on-demand provider Presto.

Foxtel is also offering "NBN-ready" ADSL broadband, meaning customers will be transferred over to the NBN once Foxtel offers the service in their area.

The FttN and FttB launch follows Foxtel in November announcing that it would begin offering FttP NBN services.

Despite offering its pay TV services via satellite and hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC), however, Foxtel has yet to announce NBN services via these network technologies.

At the time, Foxtel said its push into the NBN market as a retail service provider (RSP) would "accelerate" over the next few months in an effort to complement its entertainment offerings.

"We're taking our broadband service to the next level. When our customers couple Foxtel's premium movies, TV shows, and sport with our unlimited broadband bundles, they will receive their content on broadband that is purpose-built for entertainment," Andrew Lorken, executive director of Broadband at Foxtel, said at the time.

"We think this truly differentiates Foxtel from other broadband providers in an increasingly competitive market, and we aim to be the broadband supplier of choice for those customers seeking a combination of the highest-quality internet access and the best content."

Earlier this month, Amaysim also began offering NBN services but at a maximum speed tier of 100/40Mbps, while Vodafone Australia, which will be entering the market as an NBN RSP later this year, put the call out for expressions of interest from potential NBN customers.

NBN offering rebate for HFC test installations

NBN has also announced that it will be offering a AU$26 rebate for RSPs who install HFC services at premises as part of a new HFC Installation Options business readiness testing (BRT) program.

"NBN Co is introducing the rebate to contribute to customer's costs associated with customer managing a customer professional installation HFC or customer dispatch NBN Co self-install kit HFC for the duration of the HFC Installation Options BRT," NBN said [PDF].

"In accordance with the HFC Installation Options Rebate Notice, NBN Co will pay the test participant any applicable rebate for activations of ordered products during the HFC Installation Options BRT following a customer dispatch NBN Co self-install kit HFC or customer professional installation HFC," NBN added in the Test Description: NBN HFC Installation Options BRT [PDF] document.

The BRT will test NBN's HFC installations by involving the customer in the process.

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