Free legal music - and a tour of Iraq

The Army National Guard is offering three free iTunes downloads if kids agree to be contacted by a recruiter.
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Free Music Now! the Army National Guard's website trumpets. Seems you get three iTunes downloads in exchange for letting a recruiter contact you. Seems like selling yourself awfully cheap. That's three bucks at the iMusic Store. The Post reports that they've gotten 770 leads so far, although  no idea if any will turn into enlistments. The whole campaign is budgeted at just $20,000. The program's spokesman said:

"I hope that we one day live in a world where we can just put the flag out and say, 'Follow me down to the recruitment center.' But right now it's not the exclusive thing we can do. . . . This is just something to break through the clutter. "

 Some bloggers seemed offended at the cheapness of the offer. "Not OK with me! I might, just might consider to enter my info for a new Nano ..."

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