Fujitsu set to join the top four computer giants

Computer firm Fujitsu reported healthy growth in Europe for the second quarter of this year.

The Japanese computer giant has made significant inroads into emerging markets, such as Italy, where growth was over 1000 percent. In the UK, shipments of just over 39,000 PCs, notebooks and servers put growth at 43 percent with an overall growth in Western Europe of 32.7 percent.

Managing director Bryan Taylor believes Fujitsu has made best progress in the business sector, with sales of servers up 93.7 percent. Its notebook range has also shown good growth with sales up by 295 percent.

IDC analyst Andy Brown predicts further growth for the company on the back of the Siemens merger last month. "Fujitsu is heading for the top four and will pose a real threat to Compaq and IBM," he said.