Full Spectrum: Hindsight is Telstra's best 2020 vision

Telstra has this week made some predictions for what the world will be like in 2020, but it's not the first time the company has made grand predictions.
Written by Josh Taylor, Contributor on

Driverless cars, transparent tablets, social shopping, and e-health to the home were just some of the things that Telstra said we will all be experiencing in the year 2020, but we noticed it missed mentioning one big thing: Broadband.

Depending on what happens in the September Australian federal election, by 2020, we could either be closer to having a National Broadband Network (NBN) fully completed — if NBN Co begins actually meeting its targets — or we could have a fibre-to-the-node (FttN) network. But none of that was mentioned by Telstra in the company's video this week.

Luckily, we've managed to dig up a few old videos of Telstra executives making a number of predictions about the state of the world, and, more importantly, the state of broadband. You can see how they stack up for yourself. Some can be close to the truth, and some just have a bit of Ruddmentum about them.

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