FusionStorm Datacenter Summit

Taking part in FusionStorm's Datacenter Summit in Las Vegas today.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Vince Conroy, Chief Technology Officer, of FusionStorm, invited me to speak at their Datacenter Summit in Las Vegas. After speaking with him, I'm looking forward to meeting.  I've discovered that many Datacenter executives are well versed in facilities issues, including power, cooling and the like, but are not quite as familiar with what's going on inside of their many computers.

My plans are to speak to them about virtualization and what it means to them, how the increasing adoption of various virtualization technologies combined with the desire many organizations have to cut costs at almost any cost leads to the consideration of cloud computing.  I'm also hoping to get quite a bit of feedback from them on the use of both virtualization and cloud computing in their organizational IT infrastructure.

The attendees and I are also going to visit Switch Communications' SuperNAP in Las Vegas.

I'll let you know what I learn.

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