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Get 20% off Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac

The very best way to run Windows 10 on your Mac now costs even less.

Parallels Desktop is up there are my fall-time favorite and best Mac utility, allowing me to seamlessly run Windows 10 on my Mac without having to faff about with Boot Camp, or mess about with other virtualization software.

Quite simply, it's the best way to run Windows 10 -- not to mention Linux and Android -- on your Mac. Parallels Desktop transforms your Mac into one of the very best Windows 10 PCs you can buy.

And between now and December 2, 2020, 11:59 pm PST, you can grab yourself a 20 percent discount on all versions, no matter whether you're buying a new license or an upgrade.

This means that you can get a new license starting at $63.99, or an upgrade from $39.99.

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Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac
  • Up to 20 percent faster DirectX 11 and improved OpenGL 3 graphics in Windows and Linux.
  • Up to 10 percent longer battery life when Windows runs in Travel Mode.
  • Virtual machines (VMs) can be set to automatically return unused disk space when shutting down.
  • Use smooth zoom and rotate Trackpad multi-touch gestures in Windows apps.
  • Print on both sides and use more paper sizes, from A0 to envelope.

One of the key features that separates Parallels Desktop from the competition is ease of use. For example, installing Windows 10 is easy thanks to the built-in Installation Assistant.