Gillmor Gang on muni WiFi

There's a Gillmor Gang podcast on muni WiFi, featuring Chris Nolan of Politics from Left to Right, Dan Farber, Doc Searls and Dana Gardner.

Steve Gillmor points to a recent Gillmor Gang podcast on municipal WiFi. He writes:

Chris Nolan of Politics from Left to Right and joins the Gang for a rousing dive into municipal WiFi. We recorded this 'cast August 19th, but it's only now that I felt it begin to resonate with the events of the past week. From Dan Farber's report on Philadelphia to Chris's analysis of muni politics in Texas and SF to Doc about Andrew Rasiej's campaign from New York, Dana Gardner about the enterprise impact, and Mike Vizard on the corporate ante, the collective Gang makes a strong case for all politics being local and not waiting for government or business to do the right thing. As for Chris, she's the best of both worlds: from the left–and right.