Ginger Spice goes online

It was enough seeing her all over the TV, then on the radio... Now even cyberspace will have to put up with Geri

Geri Halliwell, ex spice girl, ex lover of Chris Evans and current UN 'goodwill' ambassador, is to go online in a bid to win a new fanbase in cyberspace.

The Web site -- -- will carry news, events, music and a biography of the star with an "interface that is brave and challenging, as is Geri," according to a press release.

"As one of the most recognisable pop icons of her age, it is vital to EMI that Geri Halliwell has a Web site that lives up to her massive profile. We have created a site which, like Geri herself, is stimulating, visual, innovative and sexy," said John Leahy, head of marketing at EMI.

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