Google adds Snippets for Maps, advances on Goggles on Android

Google has expanded the features on a pair of its social media tools, which will help users share information from their travels worldwide.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

As Facebook throws a new feature into the social networking mix with its subscription button, Google has a few product developments of its own today in the social media sphere.

Let's start with Snippets. Google first introduced this feature for Google+ a few weeks ago as another way to jump start conversations, but it's essentially another form of the +1 sharing button.

Now it's being added to Maps. The premise is still the same: share stuff to start a conversation and Google+. It's also a good way to show off how awesome you are and make your friends jealous about your weekend road trip to wine country. See the examples below.

Next up is the advancement of Google Goggles (not to be confused with Mail Googles, which present math problems to identify how inhibited your senses might be before sending off an email that you might regret later.)

Rather, this new version of Google Goggles enhances cameras on Android smartphones. The new opt-in feature can analyze images in the background while the user opens other apps, then alerting the user when results have been found. The only requirement is that users must be running Android 2.1 (Eclair) and higher on their handheld devices.

This tool might come in handy for sharing photos from landmarks and obscure places around the world -- again for the purpose of making all of your contacts and loved ones jealous.


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