Google already winner in Clinton presidential bid

Who wins in the presidential race?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

As Hillary Clinton announces her intention to spark a winning “conversation” in the next battle for the presidency of the United States, Google is already winning in the media battle for attention to news “conversations” about her candidacy.

In “Google wins as newspapers battle” I analyze the newspaper industry SEM strategy of bidding on keywords to synchronize with current events.

In synch with Clinton’s declaration that “I'm in. And I'm in to win,” the presidential race, major television networks and newspapers are in a Google keyword bidding race to win placement among “Sponsored Links” in the number one search engine’s SERPs.

Below are the Google AdWords campaigns underway by CBS, Comedy Central, New York Times and Fox News in a search for "Hillary Clinton": 

Hillary For President
Hillary To Launch Presidential Bid.
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Hillary Clinton
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Will Hillary Run?
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Senator Hillary Rodham
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While mainstream media bid up their own advertising rates to the advantage of Google, Yahoo is apparently not currently a search contender in the Clinton media race.


No major media player’s “Sponsored Results” were returned in a Yahoo SERP today for “Hillary Clinton.”


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