Google app for Android, iOS updated with more personalization

It's not just about search: Google wants to be the hub to your life, showing current topics and upcoming events.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor on
(Image: Google)

Google on Tuesday rolled out an update to its Google mobile app for Android and iOS, bringing two main categories into focus -- current topics and upcoming events -- and getting rid of the traditional Google Now cards.

The app was previously one stream of information. Now, the upcoming events tab shows travel, meetings, and important dates from the user's email and calendar, and the current topics feed pulls news, weather, and sports.

Google described in a blog post that the "more you use Google, the more tailored and relevant your feed will become." Settings allow users to control which sports team or stock to follow in their feed.

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"With this latest refresh of the Google app, a single tap will load your life's interests and updates," said Fred Brewin, product manager at Google. "We hope these go-to guides will help you stay organized and on top of the things you care about."

The redesigned app is available for Android devices on Tuesday and will come to iOS devices soon. Google also announced expanded emoji search.

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