Google Base integrates Google Checkout for 'monster' sales

What is Google's end-game for its verticals and why is Google integrating Google Base with


I have been discussing Google's end-game for its vertical properties and Google's integration of Google Base listings into, over the past few days:

"Google Base obtains the world's content for free, capitalizes on it " 'refinement boxes': future classifieds 'complete solution'?"

"Google online dating service: Google Romance for real? "

Last evening, I reported on how Google seeks to aggressively develop its New York City-based sales efforts, focusing on new vertical initiatives and new offline initiatives in "Google's new vertical, offline initiatives: NYC ad sales push ":

(Google) is setting its sights firmly on the advertising and media capital of the world, the Big Apple...

“Google Audio,” in fact, is one of the new offline and vertical initiatives Google is targeting with a large-scale recruitment drive to beef up its NYC sales, marketing and engineering operations.

Google is looking to fill over 100 positions in its NYC office.

Google's NYC sales push also includes targeting new accounts for "Google Payment Solutions." Two of the positions Google is recruiting for:

  • Inside Sales Representative - Merchant Payment Solutions - New York
  • Sales Representative, Google Payment Solutions - New York

Google's integration efforts for its various products and services is steadily advancing. Google Base has announced:

"New for bulk uploaders: Google Checkout"


When it's easy for customers to buy from you, you sell more. And when customers buy from you with Checkout, it's easy for you to charge your customers' credit cards, process orders, and deposit funds to your bank...

If you already have a website containing information about the items you sell, you can integrate Google Checkout with your website to process transactions online....

You can still take advantage of Google Checkout even if you don't have a website...through Google Base, you can sell items in two ways:

1) If you only have a few items to sell, you can submit a single item to Google enable customers to buy from you using Google Checkout....

2) To sell multiple items without a website, specify Google Checkout as an accepted form of payment in your bulk upload, and we'll show a "Buy" button next to each of your items. They'll be displayed on pages like the single-item posts, but you don't have to create each post individually.


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