Google beats Amazon to the Android movie space

I was asking for Amazon to bring their movies to Android and then Google went ahead and beat them to it. You can get rentals now for the Xoom with Android 2.2 support coming soon.

Back in March when Amazon brought their Cloud Drive solution to Android devices I wrote that they should continue and extend that to videos so that the Android platform had a video ecosystem to compete with iOS. It seems that Google beat Amazon to the punch today with their new movie rental service that should help satisfy millions of Android smartphone and tablet owners.

I am a big fan of renting movies on my mobile devices, primarily on the iPad through iTunes, because as a frequent traveler it is MUCH cheaper to load up a rented movie on my device rather than pay the crazy fees in the hotel room. I also never purchase electronic versions of movies because it is rare that I watch a movie more than once anyway. Rentals are where the focus should be and I am pleased to see Google is offering this service now for Android devices.

The service is live now, but you will only be able to watch the movies on the Verizon Xoom at first (an update is rolling out for this device today). An update to Android 2.2 and above devices will roll out in the coming weeks.