Google Checkout checks out

The payment service has been given six months to live before life support is switched off.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

The product shedding at Google continues with merchant payment solution, Google Checkout, which is the latest product to be handed a death notice, in favour of Google Wallet.

Merchants using the service now have six months to find an alternative payment provider, or apply to move to Google Wallet Instant Buy. Android and Chrome app developers will continue to be supported, and will be able to access their merchant accounts through Google Wallet.

Three alternative payment providers, Braintree, Shopify, and Freshbooks, are currently offering discounted rates for Google Checkout users.

On the consumer front, it is business as usual, with Google continuing to push its Wallet service over Checkout.

"Shoppers can continue to use Google Wallet to make purchases on merchant apps and sites, as well as on Google properties, such as Google Play and Chrome Web Store," wrote Justin Lawyer, senior product manager of Google Wallet, in a blog post. "We'd like to thank our merchant partners that have used Google Checkout, and we look forward to helping many more businesses grow with Google Wallet."

Last week, at its I/O developers conference, Google announced that it is expanding its Wallet service to support payments via Gmail for its US-based users.

Google's latest cleansing of its product line has included the shutting down of its Reader service, SMS Search, and CalDAV API.

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