Google Docs aims to up its presentation template game

Google is adding to its template library as it aims to court education and small businesses and close a historical gap with Microsoft's Office.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Docs is adding new templates for Docs, Slides and Sheets that are designed by experts. The move builds on a series of templates launched in September for Google Docs.

In the grand scheme of things, Google's additions to templates is an incremental piece of news at best. However, the biggest knock on Google Docs has been that its presentation tools and templates have trailed Microsoft's Office by a wide margin. As a result, folks who have a go-to presentation to make will use PowerPoint over Google Docs.

That perception is something Google needed to counter. Google took its eye off the importance of templates and presentation needs, but has been rallying since September.

The other thread here is that Google Docs is critical to the company's cloud ambitions. Google Docs provides the installed base that could be interested in Google's Cloud Platform for infrastructure. In many respects, Google's approach is no different than Microsoft's Azure and Office 365 connection.

Google's latest templates are aimed at its key markets--business and education. A Reading Rainbow offering provides a lesson plan and book report template. A Google Science Fair template in Slides also caters to education.

Intuit's annual business budget template appeals to small businesses. In addition, templates from GV for entrepreneur pitches and a big idea presentation from the authors of Made to Stick also court businesses.

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