Google enhances traveler services: Flights informs you of fare increases

Since I travel often I prefer to have a service that helps me plan and book my trip, collects all my travel data, and allows me to share it with others. Google Flights and Trips may soon be my preferred service.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Google

Nearly two years ago Google launched Google Flights, a service designed to make airline travel easier, less expensive, and more satisfying.

Yesterday Google launched an update to Google Flights that lets you know when to expect price increases, helps you find the best hotel deals, and improves travel planning on your mobile phone.

Since I travel about once a month, I pay for premium TripIt service so I can be notified of price drops on my purchased reservations, clearly see my itinerary, and share my itinerary with family, friends, and coworkers. Google Flights, in combination with Google Trips, is working closer to becoming my preferred travel service.

The Google Flights update will make you feel much better about purchasing a flight when you understand when prices may rise and when fares expire. It's not clear if you can receive a price drop notification after purchasing a ticket, but it seems that may eventually come to a service trying to meet your business travel needs.

In addition to helping you find and book a flight, Google Flights can help you with finding the best hotel deal. Tap the deals button in the upper left corner to discover the best hotel deals around.

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