Google fixes up offline Gmail app for Chrome

New features coming to the offline version of Gmail on Chrome include support for keyboard shortcuts and faster load times.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

It's not even close to spring yet, but several major services seem to be tidying up and improving features today. First, Amazon introduced the "Send to Kindle" for PCs option to transfer documents directly from Windows to the e-reader.

Now, Google has announced that it is fixing up the offline Gmail app available on the Chrome desktop browser.

Google's support for offline apps on Chrome also represents its interest in furthering its "HTML5-powered offline journey," according to senior software engineer Dave Stewart.

As Stewart explains on the official Gmail blog, one of the major new features is the ability to sync between a week to a month's worth of mail for offline perusing. All attachments with these emails will also be downloaded for offline use.

Although just thinking about sifting through a month's worth of email in a single sitting already hurts my head, that's not bad for having that much email available while offline.

Other improvements rolling out include support for keyboard shortcuts, faster load times and other bug fixes.

The offline Gmail app for Chrome is available to download for free from the Chrome Web Store.


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