Google giving more control to Android, Chrome chief Sundar Pichai

Pichai has been seeing his star rise at Google steadily. CEO Larry Page is also reportedly taking a step back from day-to-day leadership to focus on new projects.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

As if running all of Android, Chrome and Google Apps weren't enough, Sundar Pichai is getting a lot more Google pie doled onto his plate.

Google CEO Larry Page is mixing up his top staff while handing over the reins to a slew of other departments to Pichai, according to a new Re/Code report on Friday.

Pichai will now oversee Google+, Maps, research, search, commerce and ads and infrastructure -- and that's on top of his existing duties, the tech news site noted.

At the same time, Page will be taking a step back in terms of day-to-day leadership over individual units in order to focus on bigger, long-term projects at the Mountain View, Calif.-based corporation.

Google has not yet commented publicly on the report.

Pichai has been seeing his star rise at Google steadily lately.

His biggest leap occurred last year when Pichai was appointed head of both of Google's operating systems, taking over Android from the unit's founder Andy Rubin, who also moved elsewhere within Google to work on more innovative, moonshot-like projects.

With Chrome and Android working under the same leadership, it was speculated that the two platforms might eventually merge into a unified Google operating system.

Although that hasn't quite happened, some of the lines have been blurred, which became evident at the Internet giant's annual I/O summit in June. Pichai himself mused to the audience about the possibliities of having the same Android applications from your smartphone on Chromebooks as well.

Google answered that idea with a new set of APIs designed to unify the mobile experience so that both personal and corporate applications can live on the same device.

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