Google Glass owners can now post to Facebook, Twitter

Facebook's new Glassware lets people dictate image descriptions posted from Glass on their timelines.

Seven new apps have been released for the Explorer edition of Google's networked spectacles, Glass , including Twitter and Facebook which let people post photos to their timelines.

The new "Glassware" apps from Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Tumblr, CNN and Elle magazine join previously released non-Google apps Path and the New York Times. Google apps for Glass include Gmail, Now and Google+, which was until now the only place Glass owners could post to.

Google announced the new third-party apps at its I/O conference in San Francisco on Thursday, the New York Times reported.

Erick Tseng, a former Google Android engineer who is now Facebook's head of mobile announced the company's new Glass app yesterday. The app lets people upload photos from Glass to their Facebook timeline and select whether keep the image private, share with friends or publish.

All images taken from Glass are tagged with a Facebook "f" icon in the corner. It's not possible to tag photos with from Glass "yet", according to Facebook's Glass support page, however users can add a description to images by dictation. After posting a Glass image to Facebook, a person can tap on the photo in Glass, select "add description", tap the touch pad and dictate the description. It is then added to the post within a few seconds unless the user swipes down to cancel it.  

2013-05-17 11.07.49 am
The Facebook icon will badged to images posted from Glass to Facebook timelines. Image credit: Facebook.


Twitter's app also focusses on photos taken from the device. Posts from Glass will automatically include the text "Just shared a photo #throughglass". Glass owners can also create a list of people they follow whose updates will trigger Glass's audible notifications. 

Evernote's Glass app lets people send short videos and photos captured from the device to an Evernote account, or send notes from Evernote Web to the Glass Timeline as a reminder.

Elle's app delivers a curated selection of content from its online sections, which people can share or use the app to create reading and shopping lists that can be checked later from a separate device.