Google Health URL trumped by Steve Case?

Google vs. Steve Case?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor on
In “Google’s unhealthy medical plan” I put forth Google’s vision for a day when the Google cloud houses every piece of personal data pertaining to “every single medical and health-related event” of every single individual.

Adam Bosworth, Vice President, Google:

Every ill person needs a “health URL,” an online meeting place where their caregivers, with express permission from the ill person, can come together, pass on notes to each other, review each others’ notes, look at the medical data, and suggest courses of action…online Web applications 101.

A Health Web application 2.0 is in previews today, courtesy of Steve Case, Chairman, Revolution Health:

Case founded Revolution Health Group just over a year ago…to achieve a revolution in health care by empowering people to have more control and more choices in their health care lives…While RevolutionHealth.com remains under development, with new functions and tools being added daily during the “preview” period, the free online service opened today for public use.
RevolutionHealth.com is not just another health site, we are working to build the online destination where you can ‘take action’ to improve your health or your family’s health. It’s time to use the power of the Internet to reform health care with a ‘people-powered’ approach to health, giving parents, patients, and caregivers all the tools they need to manage their health care needs and live healthier lives, said Case.
RevolutionHealth says it offers “more than 125 free tools and online services that help people live healthier, from losing weight to determining what an ailment might be” while positioning itself as a Web 2.0 social networking community health portal:

Revolution Ratings: People-Powered Health, As Rated by You

Revolution Circles: Enabling patients and caregivers to connect and share

Revolution Rewards: Points system rewards for healthy living behaviors…

Case on healthy social networking:

It makes no sense that we have consumer ratings to help us pick movies, restaurants and hotels, but no comparable tools to help evaluate doctors, hospitals and treatments…(Revolution Health) aims to change that.

While RevolutionHealth packages and promotes itself as a “friends and family” health community, it is building a robust health care provisioning infrastructure platform which will be available to consumers as a “premium” health services membership on an annual fee basis.

Under development:

Revolution Health Store, an e-commerce site,

Revolution Lifestyle services, providing personal coaching for patients facing health challenges,

Revolution Health’s RediClinic affiliate to open 70 more retail stores in 2007, bringing the size of its national network to more than 100 clinics. RediClinic centers are located inside major retail and drug stores, and provide affordable and quick health services, such as $59 visits for potential ear infections and $15 flu shots...

Steve Case’s plans for a Web-based revolution of the health care industry are more ambitious than the Google Health URL initiative.

Both efforts share Google’s philosophy that “increased and more targeted use of technology will improve healthcare for all.” Both efforts also engender personal medical privacy risks from “targeted use of technology” in health care.

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