Google launches Google Play Movies & TV for iOS devices

You could previously stream Google video content via YouTube and this new application simply presents you with a better user interface to access and stream this content.

Google launches Google Play Movies & TV for iOS devices

Readers know I use all the smartphone platforms and because of that I prefer to use apps and services that support multiple platforms. In November I wrote how Google makes the iOS experience fantastic for Google service users and today they went a bit further (still not far enough though) with the release of Google Play Movies & TV for iOS.

Long time iOS users may not care about this release since they likely get their video content from iTunes. Switchers who have purchased Google Play content will appreciate the better access to this content, but this release is not much different than what we had before with YouTube.

I saw this news and was hoping it was bringing offline video support since that is how I prefer to watch my video content when I commute and travel where a connection is too sketchy for streaming. Google Play Movies & TV also supports the Google Chromecast device.

It is nice to see Google bringing iOS versions of their services to the masses, but iTunes is still the better option for video content. Actually, Amazon Video is another decent option where you can download content for offline viewing. Amazon keeps their service locked just to Kindle Fire Android devices though.

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