Google launches Web History tool in U.K.

Released in U.S. in the spring, tool now enables U.K. users to edit and delete items from their Web history.
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor

Google has made its Web History tool available in the UK.

The tool enables users to find Web sites they have visited in the past, as well as edit or delete items from their Web history. It is an opt-in service.

The launch is part of a wider Google personalized-search initiative that the company's privacy counsel, Peter Fleischer, has admitted raises privacy issues.

Writing earlier this year in the Financial Times, Fleischer said: "Personalized search does raise privacy issues. In order for it to work, search engines must have access to your Web-search history. And there are some people who may not want to share that information because they believe it is too personal. For them, the improved results that personalized search brings are not matched by the 'cost' of revealing their Web history."

Fleischer argued that Google can handle this privacy issue by asking users if they want to opt in to the service when they open an account.

Google uses the information gathered from users' search histories for marketing purposes.

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