Google local Borg interruptus?

Google may want Yelp, but the feeling reportedly isn't mutual---at least for now.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Google may want Yelp, but the feeling apparently isn't mutual---at least for now.

The search giant was reportedly chasing Yelp in an effort to build out its local content strategy. Now TechCrunch is reporting that Yelp has walked away. Details are sparse at the moment. Google's ambitions were plain as day. Yelp is arguably the top local site on the Web. Toss Yelp in with Google Maps, keywords and other toys Google has lying around and you have a local content Borg.

What happened is unclear, but rest assured that Google's rivals---Microsoft, Apple or Yahoo---got to Yelp. It wouldn't be all that surprising if Microsoft's Bing and Yelp team up through a partnership.

However, Google isn't going to be deterred. Like real estate---Kara Swisher reports Google is eying real estate search too---all content is local.

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