Google on Firefox 2.0: Get it now!

Google recommends "upgrading to the new, safer Firefox 2.0," Big time!

Google recommends "upgrading to the new, safer Firefox 2.0," Big time! The Firefox 2.0 "recommended," of course is "Optimized for Google," with the Google Toolbar.

I announced Google's new homepage self-promotional strategy last month in "Google defiles homepage?": 

Google can no longer hold up the vaunted, pristine Google homepage as virgin territory. Google is selling out and selling its primo homepage real estate bigtime. Google apparently has had enough of subtle one-liners underneath the Google search box suggesting ever so gingerly to users that they ought to try out the latest Google product or service.

No, Google is taking a stand and standing up in particular for the Google Toolbar! The Google Toolbar is being hawked old-school style at the homepage.

Google strikes again with a very big, graphical homepage promo for Google Toolbar, under the guise of a "recommendation" for a Firefox 2.0 upgrade.

In "Google changing philosophy" I underscore the significance of Google's new, blatant homepage self-promo strategy:

Google will undoubtedly attempt to downplay the significance of a Google self-promotional “defacement” of its “utterly simplistic” homepage with talk of how Google regularly “tests” its homepage.

Despite probable Google Speak, however, the so-called “test” speaks for itself:

The Google homepage interface is less clear and simple
The Google homepage may load less “instantly”
The Google Toolbar advertisement is a distraction
The Google Toolbar advertisement is flashy
The Google Toolbar advertisement interferes
The Google Toolbar advertisement is not identified as such

I conclude: Google's "old-school" promo for its own product, test or not, marks a change in Google's "philosophy."

Google's homepage Firefox 2.0 "recommendation" confirms Google is operating under a new "philosophy."