Google Radio EXCLUSIVE: Audio Ads in pictures!

EXCLUSIVE: How does Google bring advertisers and radio stations together? How does Google deliver ads to radio? What is Google's Audio footprint? I HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK!

Google is nearing its one year anniversary of the dMarc Broadcasting acqusition, purchased to further Google's mission to bring "targeted, measurable advertising" to the entire world, including radio.

Google is also nearing its promised launch date for Google Audio Ads "beta." Prior Google radio advertising launch dates have come and gone, however. Is this time the charm? Google only has a few weeks left to announce the debut of its radio advertising product in 2006.

Google spokesperson Michael Mayzel advised me several weeks ago that Google Audio Ads is indeed on track for an official 2006 marketplace introduction. SEE:

Google $20 billion radio chatter

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One thing is certain, Google is actively pitching its Google Audio Ads to advertisers and I have an EXCLUSIVE look!


National and local advertisers and agencies can gain fast, customized access to thousands of stations through Google's digital, automated platform and receive real-time information as campaigns air.


Step 1) Station inventory management system and studio log.

Step 2) Google links electronically with stations to search for inventory that fits advertiser criteria.

Step 3) Inventory is paired with advertiser requests.

Step 4) Google delivers automated order to radio station and reserves inventory.

Google aims to build out a vast audio footprint and claims impressive stats:

800+ stations
4200 stations targeted
Coverage in 19 of the top 25 markets

WORD TO THE RADIO WISE: Numbers aren't always what they seem! Stay tuned for more of the "Real Deal" on Google's radio ambitions.