Google+ releases its inner meme

Will Google+ users soon be flooded with 'Rage comics' or 'Insanity wolf' memes after a new Google feature addition?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

From Forever Alone to Troll Face, Internet memeology seems to have seduced Google in to introducing a generator function.

Collin McMillen from the Google team, introduced a few example images to make sure users either rub their hands in anticipation or dread the potential flood of 'Rage comics' heading towards them through their Google+ circles.


Google is soon to roll out the new photo text tool for Google+, which allows users to create memes quickly before sending them forth in to the wide expanse of their circles. The tool uses the same font that most Internet memes implement, and all a user needs to do is drop a photo in to the Google+ sharebox and click the 'add text' button.

The feature, in the same manner as Gmail's new scribble function, was probably introduced as a means to appeal to a younger audience. For a platform that has so far induced more of a 'professional' crowd, the induction of the memebase mentality isn't necessarily an anticipated new function.

The update is expected within the next few days. For the young generation that don't possess the inclination to use photo editing software to create memes, this could be a feature that will entice them to use Google+ more often.

Expect to see Y U No Guy appearing within your circles sometime soon.

Source Image: Google


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