Google Search: Big, bad multi-billion dollar sandbox

Google: Big, Bad Multi-Billion Dollar Search Sandbox

Google’s organic search ranking sandbox may be the most treacherous weapon in the $150 billion market cap search engine king’s big, bad black box of Webmaster tricks.

What is the motive behind Google’s reviled sandbox? HINT: Google sandbags Webmasters with a sandbox to the spam defense SPIN.

I have oft underscored that Google’s exclusionary “sandbox” results in automatic “banning” of perhaps the most relevant Web pages for a given search query, based simply on Googler-derived arbitrary notions of “aging.”

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If Google was indeed a public service, its sandbox could theoretically be disallowed due to age discrimination! As is the typically Googley case, search age discrimination is good however, if Google says so.

Why? In the Google PR world, a new Website is a potentially “bad” Website, perhaps set up by “fraudsters” to spam the supposedly untouched by human hands (and soon to be extinct) PageRank machine wisdom.

But is that the real reason? Of course not.

People equate Google with God (really). If God were to create his own homepage today, would Google deem God on the Web to be unreliable until he dutifully did his probationary tour in the Google sandbox?

YES, if it served Google’s purposes, even though Marissa Meyers would be hard pressed to publicly defend her assertion that God is NOT the “best answer.”

What is the Google sandbox story? As with all Google stories, it has zeros in it, lots and lots of them. The Google search sandbox game is a multi-billion dollar one, an AdWords bonanza, in fact.

Yes, AdWords drives the Google sandbox. Despite years and years of diversification attempts and billions in investments, Google continues to be a $150 billion market cap 99% pure AdWords story.

Google’s REAL mission is NOT to organize the world’s information, it is to SELL AdWords, billions and billions worth.

What better way to sell billions more in AdWords than to ensure that a (big) AdWord buy is the ONLY way a new Website can see the light of day in a first page Google SERP, thanks to the exclusionary Google sandbox!

In Universal Search, Google has created a new, even bigger and badder sandbox, as I analyze in SEM Beware: Google deals blow to search engine marketing.


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