Google starts live testing Instant Apps on Android: Enterprises need to pay attention

Live testing of Google's Instant Apps effort is underway and business technology decision makers should watch carefully--especially support for mobile can be simplified.


Google said it has started live testing of its Instant App initiative in a move that could make it easier for developers and companies to manage their mobile footprints.

As a refresher, Google outlined Instant Apps at Google I/O in May. The general idea was to meld the Web and apps and mix and match the two venues. Google would naturally be able to surface more information in the deal. The win for developers is that users can run apps without installing them.

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For starters, Google said that it is working with select developers to create and refine the experience. BuzzFeed and Periscope are among the first Instant Apps participants.

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Developers will have to make their apps more modular to work with Instant Apps, but if you're an enterprise you have to watch this project closely. Here's why:

With modular apps that are tied to the Web support, maintenance and updating could become easier.

Instant Apps, which blend the app and mobile Web, could curb the need to support Android apps as heavily.

Integration with the Web could provide a native experience yet lead to more up sell, subscription and data activity for companies.

You get the idea here, companies are tired of supporting multiple apps, silos and mobile presences. Instant Apps could make managing corporate mobile efforts easier to manage.

The other reason to watch: The Web and apps are blending together and it's unclear what'll happen to the app economy in the future if the experiences blend together.

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Here are the steps needed to prep for Instant Apps via Google:

  • Remove any unneeded bulk from your app
  • Support URL-based navigation
  • Refactor your app, if necessary
  • Implement runtime permissions from Android 6.0
  • Implement Smart Lock for Passwords if your app authenticates users
  • Identify unsupported features
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