Google Television: Sell TV ads for Google!

Watch out for Google Television!
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UPDATE:  Can Google crack $74 billion TV ad market?

ast August I announced "Google CEO wants $74 billion TV ad market":

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes television viewers should not have to stand for TV commercials that are “a waste of your time.” Schmidt is frustrated that “When you watch the television you see ads that are clearly not targeted for you.”

What does he plan to do about it? Google is preparing to deliver “targeted measurable television ads” and Schmidt says Google has “a good shot at it.”

Three months later I reported on Google's attempts to assuage the Australian television industry, asserting "YouTube won’t cannibalize TV."

Well, maybe not Australian TV, yet. Watch out U.S. television industry, however!

The NYC Googleplex seeks an "Account Manager, Television":

The successful candidate for this position will have a very strong understanding and interest in both the TV and internet industries, demonstrated client service skills, will be seeking to join a new and growing group within the organization.

What will the New York City based "Account Manager, Television" be called upon to do on behalf of Google Television?:

Build and maintain strong knowledge of Google Television products, solutions, and technology,

Research, position and brand Google Television products to buyers, planners, account supervisors, principals and direct clients...

What job experience is required to be an "Account Manager, Television" at Google?:

Experience in TV advertising preferred,

In-depth knowledge of traditional and digital media and its competitive landscape...

Google wants an "Account Manager, Television"  with a "very strong understanding and interest in both the TV and internet industries."

What will the responsibilites of a Google "Account Manager, Television" be?:

The Account Manager's main responsibility is to manage TV advertiser relationships. In this role, you will be working with top-tier advertisers, consulting them on the next generation advertising platform, managing day-to-day operations and driving revenue growth across their TV Ads campaigns.

Does Google have a shot at diversifiying into television advertising?

Despite years of trying, Google has not yet proven its ability to successfully diversify into the sale of radio advertising or print advertising: SEE "Google Radio NOT a category killer."

Will TV be Google's opportunity to shine offlline?
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UPDATE: Can Google crack $74 billion TV ad market?

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