Google to beef up display ads with acquisition of Teracent

Google is looking to build its display advertising business with an acquisition of Teracent.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Google, in an effort to bring more value to its display advertising business, has announced plans to acquire Teracent. In a blog post, Google explained its interest in Teracent:

Teracent's technology can pick and choose from literally thousands of creative elements of a display ad in real-time — tweaking images, products, messages or colors. These elements can be optimized depending on factors like geographic location, language, the content of the website, the time of day or the past performance of different ads. This technology can help advertisers get better results from their display ad campaigns. In turn, this enables publishers to make more money from their ad space and delivers web users better ads and more ad-funded web content.

To explain the idea, the company uses an image of two similar display ads, a template altered for a create a new look, add a custom message and provide more information about specific products. This all goes along with Google's recent efforts to improve display advertising, including measurement tools and the Double-Click Ad Exchange.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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