Google to take control of Nexus program design, reduce hardware alliances

Google wants to end its dependency on other smartphone manufacturers for the Nexus program, and it could hurt HTC.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor on
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Google wants to take control of its Nexus smartphone program by limiting reliance on hardware manufacturers for the design of its smartphones, reports The Information. Google CEO Sundar Pichai wants to "vertically integrate" the Nexus program within Google, signaling an Apple-like direction for the Internet-services company.

Google's plan is to contract companies like Foxconn to do the manufacturing, meaning you may only see Google-branding on the next Nexus smartphone. This is strikingly similar to Apple, which does iPhone design in-house, but out-sources production.

This isn't a first for Google. The company has taken a similar no-partner approach for its Pixel devices, which have components from various supply chain partners and have no branding other than Google's.

The Nexus program, founded in 2010, has had several hardware partners, including HTC, LG, Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola. HTC may feel some negative ramifications from the new move under Pichai, as it was expected to be the manufacturer of the next Nexus smartphone.

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