Google Ventures-backed CliQr intros one-click cloud migration

Bouncing between cloud vendors might be easier than ever with the introduction of a new service from a Google Ventures-backed startup.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Vendor lock-in is often cited as a major problem or even roadblock when it comes to cloud adoption and migration. Furthermore, switching vendors and migrating massive amounts of data is expensive, time consuming, and just a major hassle overall.

One small company, CliQr, is aiming to fix all that with a different approach.

Introducing its new platform to the world one day ahead of Google I/O, the Mountain View, Calif.-based startup is launching CloudCenter, a cloud application management platform designed to enable businesses to be able to deploy and manage existing cloud-based apps on any kind of cloud model (i.e. private, public or hybrid) without migration disruption or expenses.

Gaurav Manglik, CEO and co-founder of CliQr, explained via telephone last week that the process is rather simple. Users can upload native applications to CliQr's cloud and then benchmark said apps against the likes of Amazon Web Services. From there, customers can choose the new cloud that they want and automatically start running apps on the selected cloud service. CliQr will not only migrate them but run them on other clouds without lock-in.

Manglik characterized it as a "potential one-click switch" from one cloud to another.

“In some ways it seems magical, but it’s really not,” added CliQr chief marketing officer David Cope, describing further that sometimes the best processes aren't really that intricate at all.

Cope offered some examples of industries and workloads that could benefit from this platform, such as compute-intensive applications (i.e. sourcing cancer research from multiple healthcare facilities and organizations) or highly variable sites (i.e. e-commerce, online helpdesks, etc.).

"We’re actually following the adoption of the cloud in general, but we think we’re following it to the next level," Cope remarked.

To get an idea of how much time could be saved by uploading data and apps to CliQr for migration to another cloud, Manglik cited that some of its customers have moved legacy workloads to the cloud in less than a day compared to six months with other competitive solutions.

Along with AWS, CliQr supports "top clouds at any given time." Manglik noted cloud offerings from Rackspace, VMware and OpenStack as examples.

Backed by Google Ventures, the Cliqr CloudCenter solution is now available.

Screenshots via CliQr


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