Google vs. Microsoft: David and Goliath?

How does Google fare against Microsoft?

Google is supremely confident in what it believes is its rightful destiny to “organize the world’s information.” Google takes its “mission” literally: For Google, the world’s information includes the information of all the world’s inhabitants, and the information of all the world’s businesses. 

I recently underscored how the ramifications of Google’s 50%+ search market share permeate the Web’s entire ecosystem. As Google is a factor in the success or failure of virtually every Website, I asked “Is Google ‘The Internet’?” 

Google may be “The Internet,” but Microsoft IS the desktop!

Google wants to BE the desktop, however, a new, better Google desktop in the cloud, that is. Moreover, Google aims to be the destination for “deskless workers.”

In “Google undercuts Microsoft Office” earlier this morning, I presented the just launched Google Apps Premier edition citing Google on its positioning:

So whether you're a small business or a Fortune 500 company, Google can power up your organization with the right services and support, for the right price.

Google believes its Apps Premier has a shot at the enterprise market for productivity solutions. After all, Google Search Appliance has made some inroads in the enterprise. 

Moreover, Google is confident it can translate the massive Google “love” enjoys into Google love in the enterprise, literally:

There's no reason business technology can't be simple and even pleasurable to use - just like your favorite cell phone, music player, or video game console. Whether you're a small business or a corporate giant, your employees and customers deserve tools designed with the end user in mind. Google enterprise products combine the user centricity of our well-known consumer products with the security, manageability, and cost effectiveness that your business requires. Experience the joy of offering your team the products they already know and love!

In announcing the availability of Google Apps Premier today, Google is seeking to present it as Enterprise ready, touting Fortune 500 receptivity:

Procter & Gamble Global Business Services (GBS) has enrolled as a charter enterprise customer of Google Apps, a successful consumer product suite now available to enterprises. P&G will work closely with Google in shaping enterprise characteristics and requirements for these popular tools," said Laurie Heltsley, director Procter & Gamble Global Business Services.

"So much of business now relies on people being able to communicate and collaborate effectively," said Gregory Simpson, CTO for General Electric Company. "GE is interested in evaluating Google Apps for the easy access it provides to a suite of web applications, and the way these applications can help people work together. Given its consumer experience, Google has a natural advantage in understanding how people interact together over the web."

Google is a master at hyping its service launches, as I put forth in "Google’s secret weapon is a four letter word."

Is Google Apps Premier really a David against Goliath Microsoft Office, though? Stats cited by The New York Times are telling:

Google said more than 100,000 small businesses had been using Google Apps for Your Domain, as the earlier package of e-mail and messaging programs was known. Docs and Spreadsheets had 432,000 users in December, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

Microsoft says Office has 450 million to 500 million users.


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