Government turns to industry for IT advice

Seeking to shape up its image on IT spending, government taps industry opinions for guidance

The government has asked the computer industry for help in improving public sector IT projects, it was announced Monday.

The move follows harsh criticism from the Commons public accounts committee, which found that 25 of the government's large IT projects had ended in failure.

The Computer Software and Services Association (CSSA) is to conduct a study, gathering IT industry views of large IT projects. It will submit its recommendations to the Cabinet Office Major IT Projects review team.

In a statement, Cabinet Office minister Ian McCartney claims there is a new determination in government to get things right. "This is a significant step with Government and Industry working together. This reflects our joint determination to improve the development and management of our major IT projects," he said.

The government is inviting comments from industry in readiness for its IT strategy which will be announced in March. Anyone wishing to offer advice can do so via the modernising government Web site

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