Graphicly debuts new self-publishing service for multiple platforms

The digital distribution service Graphicly is unveiling a new publishing solution that can automatically submit and publish work for multiple mobile and desktop platforms at once.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Following Apple's announcement that could change the textbook publishing industry as we know it, another entertainment and digital content publishing platform is emerging in a new way.

Graphicly is expanding its digital distribution solution for automated self-publishing. The new set-up enables authors and publishers to upload, publish, sell and promote content of all types and sizes.

The catch is that this will be supported across platforms: the web, Facebook, iOS (through Apple Newsstand) and Android (Barnes and Noble's Nook Color and Amazon's Kindle Fire). This way, the publishers don't need to repeatedly upload it to different sources, but rather the creator just picks the platform destinations through a customizable widget.

In prepared remarks, Graphicly founder and CEO Micah Baldwin went over a few goals that his company has in mind with this venture:

By opening up our proven digital distribution platform, we now provide these services, while giving authors and publishers full control of their content and revenue streams and a deep understanding of how readers are engaging with their content. We believe our customer’s books should be available in every marketplace imaginable, with the knowledge and support to properly market and promote them.

Other features on the platform include build-in analytics (to see who's reading, etc.), and Graphicly boasts that it offers the only self-publishing platform designed with image-based content in mind, meaning tailored support for everything from comics to children's books to cookbooks.

Graphicly also recently made waves on Apple's Newsstand with digital comic book publishing.

Graphicly's publishing platform is available to current Graphicly authors and publishers, but it will be released to a wider audience in the next few weeks.


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