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Guest Blog: SAP Runs SAP Mobile

My colleague Mahira Kalim gives us an update on how SAP is running its business better running its own mobile software.

My favorite quote from SAP’s Chief Information Office Oliver Bussmann is: “At SAP, we drink our own champagne.” As the consumer and enterprise worlds come closer together, SAP has adopted a mobile mindset by empowering its employees with the latest consumer technology. Adopting Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and a device-agnostic policy, we are able to drive higher productivity and innovation in the company.


Since beginning of 2012, Oliver’s goal has been to enable mobility for all and he has done an outstanding job of bringing it to life. At SAP, we are not just fond of the newest shiny gadgets, we put them to work!


Here are just a few of the proof points:


  • An astounding 65% of all SAP employees use a smartphone or tablet (or both) at work!
  • With a device-agnostic policy we have enabled more than 40,000 mobile devices globally.
  • iOS happens to be quite popular with 20,000 iPhones and 19,000 iPads
  • Android popularity is growing rapidly with more than  3,500 Android smartphones; 16,000 Blackberry phones and a pilot program for Windows Mobile
  • The BYOD program has securely enabled more than 5,000 employee-owned smartphones and tablets at SAP
  • SAP IT has enabled more than 50 mobile apps for employees. We not only use these to close sales deals but can also look up our cafeteria menu on-the-go!


Check out: www.saprunssapmobile.com






To augment this mobility mindset further, SAP has launched over 20 Mobile Solution Centers where SAP employees can test-drive the latest mobile apps, smartphones and tablets. By the end of 2013, we will have over 20 solution centers located all around the globe.


These statistics are truly impressive, but what about return on our mobility initiatives? Carol Richardson, Head of Operations says forecasting at SAP has gone from weekly cadence to real time access to information. We are seeing happier, more productive employees across business units. In 2013, we expect our Mobility sales team to go mobile-only.


The reality is that SAP has built a global, mobile enterprise using its own mobility technology. We know what it takes to build a world-class mobile enterprise because we truly are one!