Hacking editor claims innocence over Hospital Web defacement

'Armageddon' blames kids for smearing hacking publication

The editor of UK hacking publication 'Anti-Social' has contacted ZDNet UK News to dispute claims that he is responsible for defacing the Web site of Saint George's Hospital Medical School. The School's site was altered Monday to display a message claiming responsibility for the crack on behalf of Anti-Social and alleging to be from the publication's editor, Armageddon.

Armageddon has, however, sent an email to ZDNet strenuously denying responsibility for the crack. "At the moment we believe a group of kids who have something against our production are responsible for the break-in," he says in the letter. "We've contacted the owners of the Web site and will of course be happy to help out in their investigations to track down the people responsible."

He adds, "A-S Magazine is only interested in the system security side of computers, even though on occasions we do explain weaknesses in various security methods. We in no way encourage anyone to break into web sites and are outraged that someone has gone this far to try and get at us."

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